2020, Lockdown, News

Lockdown Thursday

Buddha moon – On Vesak Day, Buddhists all over the world commemorate events of significance to Buddhists of all traditions: The birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Buddha. The first of the possible full moons of May. Vesak – Martin reminded me. Martin from South of France on Facebook, he’d just recovered from CORVID 19, along with his son and daughter, they’d been on that roller coaster. I told Bryan and got a tirade back on politics!

Full moon

My moon sister posted some beautiful moon over the sea photos from last night, which may well have been the night, but moon is moon, and I walked out to where I knew i’d see darkness moon and water, down to the millenium path, along the Blyth tributary. Such beautiful strong light lit the path, the dogs delighted for a night time sniff.

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