Richard Kellett

Here is an archive and summary of Richards life – often in his own words – on a printable A4 format here:  Richard LifePDF

RK 1939 PortraitI collected his colourful life stories during many memorable visits to Maise House, Bexhill, where he and Kitty retired to in 1985. Some I have on tape, which one day I hope to transcribe and edit.

With Richard in Bexhill

I’ve been meaning to do this for years – make an electronic record of his life – so all the growing family can see and share the story. At the time of Richards death I made a file for all the family, photocopies of original documents I had inherited from Richard. I lost the file, thought I’d lent it out and never got it back but a year ago, it came back to me.  (Other stuff of Richards has gone missing over time and circumstance – the medal and documentation from the Emperor of Japan was stolen from my Binden Road home in London).

I started this web scanning on the 100th anniversary of the end of Great War (as we call it) 1915-18. Not only a fitting backdrop to this story but also in doing so I find another anniversary, I am writing almost to the day 80 years since Richards long distance flight from Ishmalia to Darwin, 8th November 1938.

At the bottom of each page is a link to the next section of Richards life and each section listed below here.

November 11th 2018

Meanwhile Jack Waterfall has awoken Richard’s life with the Heligoland 59 project.


Birth and brothers  RK Family

1923-35 Cranwell and early Air Force life – Baghdad 30 Squadron

RK 1936 Japan teaching the Japanese how to fly

Long Distance Flight LRDU Ismmalia to Darwin / Lost in the Bush

1939 Married Dorothy

1939 Heligoland and Wilhelmshaven

1940 Middle East to Capture

1942-1945 Stalag luft III Prisioner of War

1945-47After the War

47 to 59 Rhodesia and South Africa

1962 Sailing through France

1985 Raising the Wellington from Loch Ness

Mallorca to Maise House and obituary

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