2020, Lockdown, News

Lockdown Suffolk

Community Zoom

My community, in Colchester and Chelmsford, Zooming

On morning run I met Mike as usual, but this time  finally asking him why he was in a wheel buggy. Of course, it’s a story. He was an engineer on ships Great Yarmouth way, up early in the mornings, he was the on who would link the ship to the harbour, jumping from one to the other. It was a bad jump, he landed. Back broken in 2 places. 1 year in Adenbrokes, lots of physio he was walking again and went back to work. But after an operation 12 years ago, he came out worse than what he went in, and has been in a wheel chair since.

After becoming square eyed on the computer catching up, Michael and I walked to Cheddiston woods. His walking is not good, frustrating for him. And although I fail to remember each time, good for me, for it enables me to see what is around and not race past it.

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