RK 1962 Sailing through France


Kitty had always been keen to go sailing. They were both 60 now and decided that it was now or never, and while they could still walk. Back to the UK  they bought a boat from a magazine advertisement, a 45 footer 12 and a half tonne. They got the boat refurbished at Hillyards boat yard at Littlehampton.

‘Marvellous people at Hillyards, allowed you to work on the boats beside the experts. We lived near by for nearly a year.’


Neither had sailed before. They took it slowly. Cross the channel to Le Harvre. They had one near escape when RK heard noises and managed to reverse quickly enough to avoid rocks underneath. They travelled down the rivers and canals of France ending up in Arles. From there out to sea again.


RK – Mallorca to Maise House