I started this blog in March 2008. Nervously. I’ve been a closet writer for years although the handwriting (despite the italic training – ‘hold the pen lightly, never too tightly’) has not improved. The desire to write has been a constant and I have become a natural documenter. Now, as the short term memory begins to soften and blur, the desire to document is driven by a need to record least I forget. The films seen, the feeling and vision then, moments with friends or strangers when a light falls, or a view shifts. When I am on the road, journeying, when the writing comes most naturally, with a glass of wine, roll-up and notebook at the end of the day. Much the same, I was delighted to find in a recent travel across Eastern Europe, as with Patrick Leigh Fermor.

This photo was taken by Giri (Giridhar Manandar) in the compound of the Shiva Puri Baba, Kathmandu, may be around 2008.


Here I am at 64, with Michael, Kali and Bobji, in the home of Tinks and Clive.