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Lockdown Friday – VE Day (EofW)

As I sous cheffed to Michael’s Tuna Steak and mango/avocado salad, we caught on Channel 4 news an interview with the historian James Holland – and the comedian Al Murray – discussing the parallels between what the world went through during the war and our current CORVID 19 reality.

Similes Is Boris Churchill, the rifles the ventilators, blackout lockdown. Ah they said, Boris is more like Chamberlain than Churchill, and appeasement is austerity.

Invisible enemy is the germs not the Germ- man!

The eternal competition between Germany and Britain is resurrected as we look on with a degree of jealously as to how ‘well’ Germany has done compared to us (R numbers, death toll etc). In WW2 one of our strengths was to prioritize and use our assets to max. Germany, on the other hand despite the Tiger tank more sophisticated technology, was spectacularly bad about utilising their use of resources. The reverse is now. The Germans doing that an awful lot better, have been more flexible and effective, while we have squandered our bio tech technology.

The national health service, the social contract bi-product of 2nd www. The architecture built out of the 2nd world war.

Tuna steaks delicious. The evening Michael lit a fire in the front room, still full of late summer evening light, and we read and wrote, dogs beside us, into the dark and the light of the full waning moon through the windows. I working on Loch Ness Wellington web pages (how do i end up doing these computer things)

After zoom bridge, and struggling with bloody passwords and internet for Michael (my sympathies), I needed to get out. A bike ride with Rupert to Reddisham wood. so lifted the spirits.


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