Lockdown – New Normal

First day back to Normal, or New Normal. Asparagus the object of the day. Coffee and cake with Gill McFarlane in the woods. I’d been promising for years for Alistair and her to come to the woods. I’ve missed Alistair- he died earlier this year – but a spontaneous invitation this morning worked. She was a teacher in Wimbledon. Met Alistair in her fathers cardboard box business.

Asparagus delivery to Naoimi, Janet,Dusha, Gill, Valerie, Gabrielle.

Overstory. Humbolt Timber. Where a log had fallen and decompossed provided fertiliser for seeds to grow. It’s all coming to a head with the great Redwoods. Maidenhair and Watchman up the Mimal tree. The tree and you share 1/4 genes. 1.5 billion years ago.

In the US, the death toll of COVID has surpassed that of the Vietnam War, and still Trump is as popular. In the UK our death toll is 26,000. The UK topped European death rates. Once we laughed at Italy, now we are humbled.

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