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Loch Ness Wellington – R for Robert


To celebrate the ditching of the Wellington in Loch Ness 1940 to 2020, and it’s raising in 1988. As a continuation of the H39 project, to pay tribute to the airman, to re-unit the families and relatives of families then in an act of remembrance.
To that end, to gather together the stories and information of that time and potentially to put up a new plaque emphasising the complete story.


Core team

Jack Waterfall – indefatigable linker of H39 project The aim of this project was to find as many relatives of those that participated in this battle, to remember their relatives, share memorabilia, and ensure that their relative’s service is remembered.
Tim Harris – son of P Harris who few R for Robert on the Heligoland and Wilhmshaven raids

Victor Attwood – Inverness man

Rachel Kellett – neice of Richard Kellett, Squadron Leader of Heligoland and Wilhmshaven raids


Oceanering – the original US salvage contractor who did the salvage of R for Robert in 1988

Robin Holmes / Heriot Watt University

Drumsmittal Primary School – who became seriously involved with the salvage project back in 1988.  Drumsmittal Primary officially closed in 1993 and relocated to a new school – North Kessock Primary down in the village. However, Ian Benze – former headmaster associated with R2980, has been located.
Rhiannon Naismith – pupil then and in contact with others.

149 Squadron

Wellington Associations

Brooklands Museum – where the salvaged R for Robert resides

Families of the airmen in the R for Robert
Squadron Leader David Marwood-Elton (Piolet)
Plt Officer J.F. Slater (co-pilot)
Sergeants W.Wright, (Wireless Op/Air Gunner), C.Chandler, E.Ford, R.E.Little, Lucton (Navigators) and Rear Gunner J.S.Fensome.

Highland Archive Centre

RAF Lossimouth (The Lighthouse magazine)

Inverness local people – Publicity local newspapers

Jacobite Cruise – 200 people

Heligoland 39 Families


There are currently 3 plaques in the layby near where R for Robert ditched. Described and photographed here

1. The original bronze plaque put up by Wellington Association.
Needs cleaning otherwise in good condition. Unveiled 16 December 1989

2. American Sonar 2002

3. Memorial to the crew who ditched

Stone agreed as material (can achieve sophisticated detail these days)
Jack to liase with Marty and Andrew Stuart


May – LNW core group meet
August – Plaque design complete
October – LNW to take a view re COVID 19 – to continue or postpone.

Event (Dates?)

Day 2 – Brooklands Stunt with Tim Harris

Day 3 – Commemoration day.
13 miles west to Urhart castle,
joined by RNLI life boat.
Turn to ditching point following flight path. 
15.15 ditching time. Flare to mark occasion.
To Wellington layby for unveiling.

Day 4 – Spitfire crash sit somewhere in Highlands. (Tim to make contact to family on farm to make sure they would be happy for us to see)

Day 5 – Journey back south via Robin Holmes in Edinburgh



A Loch Ness Wellington Exhibition booked into Inverness Museum, set to run from 30th November 2020 to 26th February 2021. Transfer to Morayvia – Open to the public where it will be on permanent display

To include the BBC Film / Pieces of R for Robert / Photographic images with legends attached.


Aircrafts, Airfields and Airshows – Words and Photos By Richard Hall
A good description of the background


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