Lockdown, News

Covid 19 Lockdown Thursday

Run and Gym with Jo, before lockdown to computer most of day, a day of rains. Will I ever catch up with all the emails and stuff to do in order to do the stuff I want to do? I’ve put myself forward to do the web pages for the Loch Ness Wellington bash, another added to list.

Today I wondered: what if i’d painted or described or even photographed the copper beach coming into bloom this year each day rather than reporting on the theatre of Donald Trump. Somehow more informing, long lasting, universal. So tomorrow I will start drawing again, and collecting the seed flowers of all trees out. Starting with the oak.

Last night Donald Trump fanned the flames of conspiracy, claiming evidence that Coronavirus originated at the Wuham Institute of Virology despite US intelligence agencies confirming to the contrary not man made or genetically modified. Why?  Dispursions. “I don’t want to cast any dispersions [sic], I just will tell you that China would like to see sleepy Joe Biden” win the presidential election in November. “China doesn’t want to see me re-elected.”

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