2020, Lockdown, News

Coronovirus Lockdown – 6 Wednesday – Forest School and numbers

After a very dry time, rain arrived and greened the spring landscape,  glistening the soil, cleaning the sap green leaves. I notice this year the ochre green of the oak leaves emerging. The ash still naked.

Opening stick circle, one trying to fabricate a lift using magnates, which prooved to be so strong, they bruised his fingers. A lot of sex today. Worms mating on one layer, and laid back on the next layer down (exhausted from all that mating). The sex life of the oak, male and female on the same tree.

The US hit 1m dead, more people have died of Corvid 19 in the US than died in the entire Vietnam war. Meanwhile back here in Britain, we have correct numbers for the first time – hospital and other dead: 26,000 dead. Fresh back from hospital and issolation, Boris is a father again. Will these momentous events, touching death himself and giving rise to new life, alter is view?


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