Halesworth - Films/Festivals

20,000 days on Earth, Nick Clave (Film Cut)

Live Streeming from Barbican, London

Who is Nick Cave? Who was this man who had others in white gloves handle the archive of his family photo album?

The compare said special 20 times. A special evening, with special people, and a special Nick Cave.

The two directors came on the stage. They were unusual. Not the cool thin idols, but two rounded people, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard come on to introduce. ’There is no mask to take away’. We wanted you to to leave thinking I should make that idea happen. Nick does not settle for the obvious or mundane. We are all connected, she said.
I feel excited. Sitting in the Cut Halesworth, amongst the hundreds of the great and good in the Barbican, London, and among 150 other cinema’s throughout the UK, to see this ‘special’ event.

I did not like the music from the start, and I disliked it by the end. Reminisent of Leonard Cohen, but without the charisma that gives gravity to the gravelly pessimism. The Higgs Bosun Blues was quirky but what of it?

I liked the violin player, with his beard and integrity. ‘I’ve probably had more meals with you than I have with my wife’

Cave turns out to be a rock poet. Not much rock. But I liked the philosophy. ‘You’ve got to understand your limitations, your wonderful limitations. ‘In the end I am not interested in what I understand’.

Sunglasses hocked on his open white shirt, he is a man who is always aware of looks and fashion. ‘He is a strange mixture of introvert and extrovert, someone you can keep looking at but never get any closer to understanding.’ Guardian. Yes.

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