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Time and Timelessness Aldeburgh February 2020

Our first day here, walking the beach, I read a text on my phone. Graham died. All day what ever happens is transitory to this truth. Andrew Marr came to open Caroline Wiseman's philosophy weekend Thursday evening in February.  This moment and what he said is lost in time.  Like many a person known from… Continue reading Time and Timelessness Aldeburgh February 2020

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Doggerland – Julia Blackburn and Hugh Brody

A packed Cut theatre on a dull Thursday in March. Julia's face reminds me of Pam, it's that nose and a confidence of a full life. She spoke brilliantly and lyrically. 'The companionship of a big book' What's my connection? Two fold. First my short sight and second my Dutch husbands. Jane Ivimey introduced me,… Continue reading Doggerland – Julia Blackburn and Hugh Brody

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Green Book – film at Leiston

With Michael we watched this film on a blustery March Monday night, in an empty and comfortable Leiston cinema. It did not surprise me Michael knows of a good fish and chippy where we eat before hand. It's a road trip, between two culturally and racially different people, both sympathetic and amusingly repulsive, interacting with… Continue reading Green Book – film at Leiston