Woodland Day 3 – Wednesday

A quieter day after the drama of the double chain saw day. Just Paul and I completed around the pond. I continuing on dead hedging, extending the hedge to around the side, hiding the view of the rusted motor car on the other side. Straight easy hazel, ragged hawthorn which hooks in well and shows with red berries, and blackthorn with it’s orange sap and sharp needles. The cords are stacked facing the south sun.

A quieter day after a bit too much red wine last night after bell ringing, a meal in the Angel with Barry and his fellow east end friend,

Paul cuts down one breaking hornbeam coppice. Sad to see it go, but it will coppice well.

Barry arrives, Wow he exclaims. Together I call my neighbour, to explain about the noise

In a distant meadow cows heads down to grass all pointing the same way.

I sleep in the Cut live screening of Two Gentlemen from Verona – too tired for the youthful play of words in this early Shakespeare play.

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