Woodland Day 2 – two chain saws Tuesday

The day working on the pond. Light came by the end of the day, a glorious september warm light.

I was on dead hedging, weaving the hawthorn, blackthorn and hazel being coppiced around the southern boundary. Removed two overhanging oak branches, and an extraordinarily tall hawthorn weaving into the top of the oak.
Beefstake fungi below the pollarded oak

Paul: I confess I do enjoy a bit of danger

Catherine Thistle something – hurdling and shepherds hut

Ring barking – a natural way of pruning, gradual. branch dies above the ring.

Bradfield – Suffolk WT, brilliantly managed woodland, full cycle of coppicing.

Steve Oetrofsky – Moth survey

Spurge laurel

Tawny Owl box – this is perfect habitat. Owl hearing like a grid reference, horizontal and vertical, on unaligned ears

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