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Green Book – film at Leiston

With Michael we watched this film on a blustery March Monday night, in an empty and comfortable Leiston cinema. It did not surprise me Michael knows of a good fish and chippy where we eat before hand.

It’s a road trip, between two culturally and racially different people, both sympathetic and amusingly repulsive, interacting with the racial division in the 1960s.

It’s 1962 and Tony (Viggo Mortensen), a bouncer, fixer,  is laid off for a month from the New York club he works for – the Cocacbanna so looking for work, and Donald (Mahershala Ali), a professional pianist, is in need of a driver to take him through the deep south for an upcoming tour. Donald  is aware of the troubles that he might face in the south due to the colour of his skin and requires someone to act as both staff and protector.

‘The toilet is over there, outside’

Based on a true story, the two opposits remained friends throughout their lives. Tony gives a brilliant, performance, rounded, flabby, loving, tough.


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