Honywood oak by James canton

I write this reflection in bed up stairs at maidens farm, a few days post Xmas, a few days after seeing the oak, which is about 20 minutes from here.

The story of the honey wood oak, is what is not around it, what is no there, the hundreds of other oaks that would have been the companion for this sole survivor, these 800 years. All were felled not so long ago, in the 1950s, sold to the forestry commission, by the then owner. It could have been a pique. Her husband was a philanderer, and this was revenge, as he loved the oaks s great deal. He died in 1932. Wood felled 1950. House demolished 1950.

So now there is one in what once would have been 2,000 acres of ancient woodland. Why was this one spared the ax is a mystery. Perhaps it had some significance for Thomas Phillips pain, the owner of the estate. InPains will it is written the oaks must never be felled.

The book hence is a meditation on this oak, a meander into oak lore. the word Druid, dru means owk, wid to see or know . The way of communicating with our ancestors. Like seabold and others before, he calls on his own experience. Relates to Buddhist satori – when the facade of our normal existence falls and we see beyond, and feel the possibility of enlighten,ent. Tolstoy, Milton, the green man, wool pit children,

I like the facts. Oak trees have been with is form2.6 million years, the tertiary period. With man came axes made of flints, made to fell oaks, the. Known as wild woods. To the D shape exit the tell tale sign of the agrillus beetle.

Galls and weevils. Stephen Taylor who painted a single oak over two years.

Aware that the oak is effecting him. He feels the owk is protecting him. Over half way through “I could flee from thoughts about my fracturing relationship with my partner.

I feel connected with is ulterior from Thoreau, by my intimacy it’s nature, I find myself withdrawn from man. My interest in the sun and moon compels me to solitude.

I am filled to the brim with emotion today. I spend all hours I have in the. Op any of oaks. He finds two oak hill, oaks.

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