Our dearest Rachel,It is always a pleasure to hear from you,and to read your annual account for the past two years. Quite like you we revelled in the first year, with all the similar feelings and experiences, no traffic, no people, with the exception of not listening to any news. Finances were surely a worrying concern,and now it has gone really worse. Business for Ashram has been hit badly, as no big groups as in the past could come.To make things worse, the present government has put a curb on religious institutions (for minorities especially) to receive funds from abroad. Let me end my sob story here.Life has been good overall, and being in Sattal is always a blessing. Had many crazy parties, nice birding, lovely hues, and did awesome cooking for self, Ha..Well the boys have returned back to the nest, thanks to Corona. The elder one is a content writer who had some assignments initially, and also taught English back at home, planning to fly out again. The younger one is still not settled and is 26. He keeps himself busy with crypto trading, online gaming and looking after grandmother. They nearly made it to the Tokyo Olympics in online gaming.Next month I shall be completing my 20 years at Sattal, getting fidgety now, but at the age of 58, can’t find a better job, but to go home, but then do what? This is a thought majorly occupying my mind.Inshallah, before that I hope to host you at Sattal, also realizing that we have now entered the age of uncertainty. With this hope and realization we send our lots of love to you, and believe that we shall see you someday, soon.V & V 

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