Dizzy s send off

Aged 92 she was, when she died December 2021. We gathered on a crisp clear January day to remember her, a gathering of girls now in their 60s, recalling ourselves as teens under the thrall of her famous raised eyebrow. Sketch, Tor, mina, Squashy Jackson, Sylve and I.

S.M.John said to me. Yes I remember you then. You are so much more attractive now. I remember dissecting a frog with you. Was it the xx frog, which when sliced open, moved! No it was dead, it just had body reflex, which scattered us all.

How unusual to be among the youngest here, said Tor. Right she was as more emerged with Zimmer frames. It was a care home for ex and current nuns. Community. ‘She would have been delighted to see so many gathered’ the officiating priest began the requiem mass. Catriona Rankin read and simultaneously mimed the sign language. Mina attempted a recollection of all the head girls . The past blurs the exact dates merge , said John.

Later, while waiting in the premier inn for the electric car to charge, Sylve read the Angel cards for me. Lovers, three fires, and ace of fire I drew and she interpreted. Four years since the love of her life died but still she is in thrall to her.

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