Antony Grey

Phoned up to speak with Antony Grey, to ask him to edit and publish SMF pamphlet. He’d done such a good job on Fishy Tales. A frail voice answered the phone. I stated my need. There was a pause.
“Antony died 4 years ago”, she said.
Always do what you say you will then and there, do not delay, Rachel

Rachel Kellett
East Lodge, Beccles Road, Holton, Halesworth Ip19 8NQ

June 28th 2021

Mrs Gray
74 Oakfield Road
London N4 4LB

Dear Mrs Gray

I spoke to you on the telephone a few days ago, trying to locate Antony, to commission him to do another booklet I am compiling on behalf of the Community that were at New Hall. That was Fishy Tales.

I am writing to say that I am sorry for your loss. I clearly recall visiting your home, climbing up many stairs to your working room at the top of the house, with views right over London. I remember the desks were ordered with space to work, but framed with sharpened pencils and various pens. Antony was a pleasure to work with on the book. I regret not fulfilling a promise I made to him to take him to the iconic school. I am too late now – that was 10 years ago this year – but I can offer the same to you if you are interested or inclined.

Rachel Kellett

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