Leslie 2021

It’s like seeing friends for the first time with mobile phones. Leslie wearing a mask in Fulham Broadway station to meet me – 2 hours late. We had but a few precious hours together on this trip, I hardly noticed London the trendy Fulham road, although I. Locked the farrow and ball takeover and swish ness of Guinevere antiques. A massive foot in the front window.

She looked amazing as she does. Smart and playful dressing. I never paid enough attention to her gift to me of taking care. But she had her twitters out ready to pull the random hair growing from my chin.

I’ve been saving it for you, I said.

A slight almost imperceptible hestitation before she said fine to my how are you, necessitated a repeat. Well it’s leukaemia but it’s slow growing she said. Lots of check ups and no drugs yet. She showed me her hands – hands that once modeled – now with raised tendons arthritic and painful.

Over hear to take stock of her finances, after LA landlord said they wanted to sell, but have given time for leslie to raise funds or find alternative. She was coming down on selling hatherly to simplify the life. Todd, of course, does not contribute.

We check in on our common friends. Ogden’s gone bankrupt but Robert still selling out of broom cupboard near Burlington. Clare still Ill after more than 20 years. Katherine also unwell. Garry suporitive with commissioning leslie to cook.

I get so jumpy, she says. And she does. We share our years of knowing each other, our mountains and troughs, an admiration for our great differences.

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