2020, Lockdown, News

Coronavirus lockdown week 3 Thursday

We are reading Overstory, the story of Patricia unemcumbered by status or social need, influenced by John Muir, finds through her Gas Mas Spectrometer that trees under attack pump out insecticide to save their lives. More than this, trees a little way away amp up their own defences even though they are not affected. Her paper, at first accepted, bombs due to a challenge by conventional authority, and she retreats into a woodland world. Years later she is found by scientists who have not only read her papers, but have joined networks of ohter research to it, and are contining to expand it. As Michael reads the end of the chapter, about this coming round, and about a co-habitation of one older scientist with the Plant Pati, tears are in his eyes. Well it is not dissimilar to us, he says.

Another glorious warm day. Rocket and seeds all popping through the earth in the seed trays. Potatoes planted in the wood.


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