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Coronavirus lockdown week 3 Wednesday

It was a busy day, 4 ticks and an unexpected.

My question to day is how many people would have died in the year ordinarily of health and age compared to CORVID 19 deaths – that seem to rise and rise. Today in the UK gone the cry for PPE, today we have bodybag shortages. In London 14 bus drivers have died of CORVI 19. In China in Wuhan, they are coming out of social issolation since December 31 when China notifified the WHO – (in late 2019 someone at the now world-famous Huanan seafood market in Wuhan was infected with a virus from an animal is the official but not certain beginning). In thousands they exited the trains to return home, temperatures checked and health passport in order. They are hugging each other. Haven’t seen that in a while.  The dead include Li Wenliang, a doctor in Wuhan who died of Covid-19 after being reprimanded by the authorities for attempting to warn others about the disease. Some are now allowed to collect the ashes of their dead. A city traumatised by grief.

In New York the hightest number yet died 779. Bernie Saunders has withdrawn from his campaign leaving the field clear for Jo Biden. In the UK the Excel Nightingale opens to patients

Meanwhile sun shines and tasks to be done.

In the wood, I met up with Julia and with her help, I made the video I’d planed to for the kids. A bit nerve wracking. As Becky said, Follow me, was my mantra.  How my shoulders are rounded, and what is that white patch in my hair?



We do a bit of sketching – thank you Tamsyn for the paper. While Julia – far more experienced and proficient than I, did a water colour, I undertook a study of hazel about to bud burst. I love the learning as I look. Ah so this is how hazel branches. Maintaining social distance we lunched outside in warm spring sun, Sam also keeping his good distance.

I was restricted to 2 tins of anchovy in the co-op, and Jo tells me Rizla papers are also restricted to 2!

For the forth on the list I went to East Lodge to plant out the potatoes.
I’m late, I say to MJ, but I am just before Easter.
You are in perfect time, she responded. You are planting at full moon.

The cycles of the moon have influenced gardeners from diverse cultures over many centuries. While science may not fully understand why planting by the moon works, anecdotal evidence suggests that it does. A good design depends on a free and harmonious relationship to nature and people, in which careful observation and thoughtful interaction provide the design inspiration, repertoire and patterns.

In a waxing moon, when light increases towards a full moon, sap flow is drawn up. This is the most suitable time for sowing and transplanting flowering annuals, biennials, grains and melons. Basically any short lived plant that we want to harvest its leaves, seed, flowers or fruits. It’s also a good time for applying liquid fertilisers, pruning and grafting as increased sap flow produces new growth more quickly.

With an waning moon, when the light is decreasing as the moon changes from a full to a new moon, the sap flow is drawn down. This focuses the energy towards the roots, which is more suited to root crops and perennials, plants that live longer than two years. It’s also a good time for applying solid fertilisers, pruning dormant plants and harvesting, as there is less likelihood of rotting.

Inspired by the moon, I took the dogs for a full moon walk, opting to walk from Blyford bridge, across the marshes. As I arrived the hugh red ball of a sun was just rising. Perfect time, I was excited, and stepped out, towards the red orb, the dogs and I. After about 10 minutes, eyes adjusted, I became aware of shapes of cows laying on the grass near by. Ah. I bid the dogs down and walked out, out of the field of cows, or at least for another 10 minutes, then called them. They came immediately, Bobji first and Kali 2nd. We walked on. Then I heard it. A stampeed of cows, more than 50 of them, charging towards us. Oh Shit. Shinning the torch and waving my arms to become big, they stopped just before us. Fuck. We tried to walk on but the cows too curious of the dogs. So i bid then down again, and walked. And walked until I could see the road, and called the dogs. Notthing. Called again. Nothing. Whistled. Nothing. Fuck. What a hopeless person I am, I have in effect killed my dogs. Stamped on, I need help. Called MJ, she was in her car before I finished my sentence. I walk towards where we were. I call. I stop and listen. Then whistle. They come. Oh joy. And so does MJ, We hugged, in relief.
Meanwhile I noticed clouds had covered the red orb.








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