2020, Lockdown, News

Coronavirus lockdown week 2 – Saturday /Sunday

This time last week, we were walking in Benacre, (as others were bumper to bumper in Snowdon, and escaping to Scotland and the Lakes).

Trump imitation is in high production.

An advertisement ridicules Trumps response to CORVID 19 by juxtaposing quotes from Trump with a graph that traces the exponential growth of coronavirus cases.


I finally caught up with myself this weekend, after all the planting of seeds, moving in with Michael, typing up the Vernal Equinox story and sent to Leon and the gang. (Lovely response from Lorna). Having caught up and settled in to this new every changing regime,  I began to look out. I began to wonder how friends and family were. Emailed Rachelle and took round lemons. Wrote an email to the family (Kelletts and Wrights)

Michael and I finished reading Salt to each other. Begun at Brancaster on his birthday weekend, the book has been brilliant to read aloud. Found myself laying on my back looking at the Rag Clouds the other day. Dead mens fingers. The oak wood felt as old and dry as a church. Swimming across to the Hamsa. The Langor brothers, living their failures. Lyrical. Evokative of north norfolk. I remember the whale. Even had the Wild Man of Orford as a  play.

Once again, feels so good to hear international news from AlJazera. Tonight, Libya and Hondourus, and CORVID 19, Libya saved by having so few tourists still. In Nicaragua they are still playing public football matches. Italy had fewer deaths for first time. Spain hit record of deaths, and they are converting an ice rink into a mortuary. Even hearing the weather. Showers likely in Iraq.

Disobeying the 2 mile rule, M and I drove and went for a walk to Raydon woods. Bitterly cold but more protected in the coppiced woodland, I’d last visited to see Richard Woolnaugh. Michael and Tamsyn came here often with their children, and in typical Michael fasion, he knew exactly as we turned a corner that the giant weaping holly was there.

Zoom drink with Unathi at 6.30.

Oh and a day of doing what so many others are doing. Cleared out freezer and all bedding clothes.





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