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Coronavirus lockdown week 1 Tuesday

After Boris Churchillian speach of gravity last night effectively announcing nationwide lock down, I escaped at 6.30 am to East Lodge. Typical response, I thought as I drove on empty roads, of a freedom finder. Effectively I closed up the house. By surprise Sonia arrived to clean. ‘I’m asking each person, taking it case by case’. Of course, she needs the income. She stays while I garden, and next week she will do my air bnb ironing. We are all finding our own accommodation.

It is a day of feeling the moist giving soil, imagining others doing the same. What gift is this, to have announced Lock Down on a azure blue sky day bright sun, fresh wind. With Persephone out of the underworld, into the first days of her 6 months in the day light, just passed the Vernal Equinox. Cleaned out Tamsyns glorious greenhouse in which a great vine grows, and pots with dried out soil lunged hopefully, the succulents surviving well with such abandonment. After up to the raised vegetable squares with finely sifted soil, – i am not sued so such luxury. My dream of living with an Aga and a greenhouse has materialised this time, and I feel in a kind of heaven. First day without visiting the wood.

Dogs to Barry who rocked up from London just escaping in time yesterday. We kept out distance driking tea him telling me about his shopping, soup making and the usual Barry conversation. According to Gove, in the event of  children divided between separate partners, they are allowed to share their offspring, so Barry and I share the dogs. I will wash their fur when I get them back!

On television news we are seeing the inside of peoples homes as they present their news from their study or living room. Jon Snows library case includes Darwin. Behind one was a huge reproduction of Surrats Bathers. The  news tonight is the taking over of Excel stadium for thousands of potential beds. The morning tubes in London were still full (of foolish people), but I wonder if people like me needed to close up what they left behind last night, and in effect the lock down will succeed.

Aware of the Uk centricness of news we switched to Aljazera, which was an informative more. 1.3 million people in India went into Lock Down- watching Modie announce in English, I felt Heather’s sentiments that this emergency time exposure and action will give kudos and gravitas to a right wing ruling government and do little to effect a change to the politics of my persuasion namely more left and social justice based. Conavirus has hit Syria. Remember Syria? How will that pan out. May be like the first reports from Israel: Israelis and Palestinians now have a Common Enemy: the Coronavirus.

We play a mad American game of aquiring hotels but my mind not on stocks and shares. In bed I start to make a movie of the solar project.




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