London 1860 wine

Italian fortified wine, dated 1860. Pre unification, post Chartists, someone poured this liquid into this bottle and corked it. 180 years later, in a kitchen of Shepherds Bush Road, Rupert pulls the cork and we drink. Complex sherry smooth but still wine.

Painting are on the walls (mine of cows I notice). Some residue of Andrew. Rupert knocked up a delicious risotto.

We’d met earlier that evening in Cork Street, for the opening of Laurence Edwards Heads. As I arrived, I saw them leaving. I recognised their faces then heard their Doncaster lilt  in this London street. They were out on a jolly to see their heads in bronze. Later we spoke to one of the Doncaster coordinators. Candidly he said, they coulnd’t give a fig for Laurence, he was a southerner, he was Thatcher. No they wanted to be heard, acknowledged, remembered.

Conversation with Tobias on home education. You have to almost get board first before you know exactly what it is you want.

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