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The English Patient (Cut cinema)

A screening prelude to the Cut’s coup of Michael Ondaatje coming to our Cut theatre next Tuesday. How many times had I seen the film? No matter as refreshing and good to see it again, anyhow, and on the Big Scene. Timeless it is. That time in all our geographies and times when we are out of our time and place and behave with that given freedom or restriction.

1996 it came out. Bob time. I would have been in London or India.

Like seeing something known again, we see different things this time a different time in our lives.

The medicine man arriving with his potions swinging in glass bottles on a stick. Arriving in the cave. He sang, He began to sing when he knew he needed to raise the mind of the patient to another level, away from the temporal pain.

Italy 1944. All those meetings that took place without reconciliation when you (who had seen it before) knew that these chance encounters (feeding a burned man) would take each on a diffeent trajectory the like of which neither knew at that moment.

Those brave, curt downright rude attempts to repel something Almsay knew he was fately attracted to.

Never learn how to sew and if you do never admit to it.

You’ll never come to Dorset. Madox to Count Lazlo Almasy.

More but i am too tired now!



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