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Lawrance Edwards at Jason’s Spring Festival

I almost didn’t go. The garden pulled, so much to do, this great doingness, spring action, drive, (reminding me of Norway with its limitation of spring summer). But I did, and as soon as I walked into the gallery barn, I breathed out, in that way I have done before here. for so may reasons. On one level because Jason is living my dream that I will not now materialise, his generosity of sharing his space, linking in people, inspiring us. Artists and buyers with walls on their homes to fill. And on another level, the art itself. Harry Becker, huge drawings, washes of workers in the fields, one refering to the chatter, woman feeding her baby, exchanges, you could here it between the wind in the summer leaves. And then Calais, the place I had passed through a week before. Entitled something like We are all the same (I will find the exact) he drew the faces and sketched the body beneath. A man with dark glasses. The feeling of waiting prevailed. I am tempted to throw caution to the wind and buy one. Dan Hussy’s chairs which I have always wanted.

Figures in the landscape was the theme. It transpired inspired by the invitaiton last year to Lawrance Edwards, to exhibit here. But Lawrance was away in Austrlalia during the exhibiton opening and process and was just back now, hence this spontaneous night, to which I had rocked up. And here Lawrance was. Jason introduced.

‘Let;s go them said Lawrance and he led us thorugh the familiar barns then out and wow. . Into a barn I had never been to before because it had not existed. Jason had renovated and secured it for this show. An old Dutch Barn. To hold 3 huge heads, one straight ahead of us. 17 foot tall. It takes the breath away.

Lawrance introduces us. It’s a start of a huge commission for Mr Hunt and Crockford Hall. A man in the landscape.

If first met Lawrence of a film A Thousand Tides .

He uses clay and reuses it. Clay from the suffolk earth, full of all that it has formed around, reed, stone grit. Organic.

Makes forms, destroys and re makes. If the form evolves into something that he does not want to destroy then it is worked on more. Transformation.

At dinner (sausages and salad delicious) Lawrance told the hilarious story of his dog. He had a studio in Laxfirld on a working farm, and the farmer quesitoned Lawrances dog with his lifestock. He;s a bit wild but I can control him, said lawrance. One day, comotion, the field strewn with dead turkeies. Lawrance gathered them and cached them in a ditch.  Then felt so guilty, called the farmer, who was cross. They met at the barn. Something wrong. At the back 100 dead, caused by the stampeed when the dog entereed/. What can I do. Have the dog put down. No not possible. I’m an artist, scul[utre what  can i do for you? My daughret


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