History of Vietnam War

Viz The Sympathizer
French Origins and Domino fear
Indochina, a French colony during 19th century.
When Japan invaded during WW2, the Viet Minh opposed them with the support fromUS, Russia and China.
Ho Chi Minh, communist inspired, admirer of America, initiated insurgency against French rule. by 1950 the conflict became entwined into the cold war. In January 1950, the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union recognized the Viet Minh’s Democratic Republic of Vietnam based in Hanoi, as ligit government. The US and GB  recognized the French-backed State of Vietnam in Saigon, led by Bao Dai. The outbreak of the Korean war, in June 1950  convinced many Washington policymakers that the war in Indochina  was an example of communist expansionism directed by the Soviet Union.[

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