News, Woodland

Out of kilter

UN Climate change meeting ends on Bonn today and it’s way down the pecking order of news on Radio 4, well after the usual headlines of Brexit. This particular morning I fell so profoundly that my tribe is so distracted with endless Brexit squabbles, and is missing the big picture, and thereby so am I going down this plug hole.

Is the US coal workshop just a stunt, a theatre, to distract from the real negotiations that are taking place with US and other scientific delegates? Are we all falling for it, and in our righteous way exchanging our shock in Social media? The US know their economy will suffer, and the Chinese will step in, if the US ignores the renewable market.

Amid it all, the only thing I feel can do is manage my little woodland. Today I will work with Paul and Graham, and tomorrow we will put in the wood burner. Gearing up for December 10th 2017, my 60th birthday. I’m practicing saying it.

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