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The Beetles – 8 Days a week (Cut Film)

Of course, I think of Bob, who gave me the re-mastered Beetles CD, (after he’d copied them for himself). He knew I loved them.

An excellent, surprising and very enjoyable film 2016, Ron Howard, punctuated with their albums, those covers, oh yes, reminding me of that revolution, that I skated on the side of, watched,  being far too young to take part. The country on the brink of a cultural revolution – and the band in their hit-making heyday.

Please Please me (63)  A Hard Days Night (64) Rubber Soul (65), Help (65) Revolver (66) Magical Mystery Tour (67) Sgt Peppers (68) White (68).

About the Beatles as live phenomenon. The cultural references at the time, Lenon upsetting Smoke coming out of black and white stills. Intriguing conversations with present-day fans such as Elvis Costello, Whoopi Goldberg and Malcolm Gladwell. The eventual burst with John Lennon’s remarks about the Beatles being bigger than Christianity. Not in the US Bible belt they weren’t.  The row soured the exhausted Beatles’ already darkening mood and it was time to quit touring. The last shot- of course, on the top of EMI recording studio’s.

Brilliant ending. No breakup, no conflict, pure joy and revolution.


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