Christmas and Bob

A short christmas break to Essex, to Tinks, to the links with our families, her benevolent, generous and hearty father, my god father, linking me to my own father who i never knew, to my mother who took us to christmas’s in Hoe Mill every year, specialising in Brandy butter, being the white rabbit running down the stairs of the cellar of a cellar party. Yes, these connections that we turn to now, enjoy the memory of, as our parents did and we laughed then at their sentimental nostalgia.

Alex, Tink’s son, gave me the first River Cafe cookbook. 1995. Bob bought me a copy, he had some connection with Rose Grey, and we went to their newly opened restaurant, with the rest of trendy London. I looked Potatoes baked with Balsamic Vinegar and Thyme, and the heavy on eggs Lemon Tart, in his Clarendon Road kitchen. I can remember taking the lemon tart out of his oven and marvelling.

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