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Bob and Bruce Springsteen

Bruce’s 4th choice on Desert Island Discs was, Madam George (Joy) Van Morison, Astal Weeks:
‘It made me trust in beauty’, he said. I thought of Bob, not because he opened up the beauty of music to me, Astral weeks to late Beethoven, but he’d quote this song as I clicked along the pavements of London in my modest healed shoes.

These moments come with increased frequency these days, perhaps it’s because I’m no longer distracted by building doingness. Perhaps it’s Christmas when the mind turns out to friends, remains of family, so many connected through Bob. This Christmas we’d planed to be spend together in the bungalow – I promised him, as he prepared to go to his brothers with some reluctance. It is the coming of the end of the first year, the first aniversary’s of when Bob was here. Next year will be easier.

The puppy dog, that Bob arranged the day before he died, has been born. I will see it after Christmas.

Bruce on Morrison: ‘It gave me a  sense of the divine – the divine runs through the veins through that entire album’, he said. The divine that I touched on in India. India through Bob.

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