Halesworth - Films/Festivals

Bungalow Warming

Bungalow warming!

(No it’s not complete – no kitchen – but it’s liveable in)

To friends, and all who have worked on the project, and curious locals, you are welcome to drop in, either Saturday or Sunday or come to the wood for a bonfire.

Bottle of wine/beer or food to share gratefully received.
07920055888 Rachelkellett@gmail.com

Saturday 10th December 2016

12-6pm – Soup and cheese

East Lodge, Beccles Road, Holton, IP19 8NQ

Bonfire in wood (if not pissing down with rain)


KaliWood, Beccles Road, Holton, IP19 8NQ 

(just down the Beccles Road from East Lodge, park at East Lodge)

Sunday 11th December


Soup and cheese

East Lodge, Beccles Road, Holton, IP19 8NQ 

 An unexpected home.  An adventure all the same and thanks to those who came along for the ride and helped make the transformation possible – i couldn’t have done it without you. 

(I’m sure to have left some off, sorry for the forgetfulness , rest assured it’s age related)

Tino – the first to come in October 2015 to tackle the bramble and find the garden. MJ and Jo – who arrived in the cold of February, and stayed, inspiring the pond, making brick paths, the great wall of Holton…Malcolm and Michael – who came to do the roof and also stayed, and renovated from roof to floor. Les – ‘colour consultant’, master drawer of Scud, critic and supporter. Jeronomo (aka Andrew) – great carpenter of oak windows and doors. Chris Calver – who electrified the building, encompassing all the spontaneous changes. Calum – the festival plumber, who’s last fix is still to take place. Clive Bridgeman and son – who fitted the heart of the home, the fire. Arthur and his team of plasterers. Rigeons and particularly Shaun. Barry – who organised the carpets from London and Jason for fitting them. Turk (and Tony) who dug the pond, made the drives and parking places and taught me how to drive a 2 tonne digger. Mark Woolnaugh who supplied the hardcore and shavings. Paul who sliced up the oak to make the sidings to the driveway. Julia for painting my cabinets French Grey. Rupert for painting the shed ochre yellow and linseed oiling all the oak windows and doors. Umi for changing the kitchen. Barry, who always welcomed us into his cedar clad home as he was building it. Bob who taught us to divine water and found the water mains. Gill for all her gifts from Model Farm. John Esling for the chickens and the chickens for their eggs.

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