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Death and art of dying of David Bowie (Jan 2016)

Extraordinary. He did this. Showed there was another way. Outside a box.

Reading the words to Changes again – or did i ever read them back then – he touches on universals then, Buddhist ones, transitory natures, etc.

The Man who fell to Earth – at the Cut – good old Cut for screening it. Bizarre, unconventional surreal, and tragic. Alcohol was the demonstrable demon of the alien as it was of the native American. A surprising amount  of sex. (How come I never saw the film before?), but bestial and unwatchable at the end, gin mixed and i cannot watch killing machines – guns –  even if used in play. Far too middle class!

Made in 1976 – oh yes that hot summer – directed by  Nicolas Roeg, (Walkabout and Don’t Look Now) it was Bowie’s first film.

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