The Scab Mole

‘Id have that seen to’, remarked Cindy.
‘I’m to the doctors tomorrow’ I replied. The appointment made 3 weeks before this was the earliest I could see Dr Abbot, such is the system.
How long have you had it?
The trouble is I don’t dally by a mirror. Far too busy thinking about someone elses story in the morning. HHP, Kali.

The day unfolded. Barry came up for support, and he surrendered – for the first time I recall – to my whims.
The minor op all straight forward. The nurse – with her protected gloved hand – tore out a piece of tissue paper to dab my watering eyes.
‘Sorry, just feeling somewhat emotional’. The only words I could find. She held my hand as the oriental doctor scraped away, and dug out a little bit more. No they couldn’t see anything, and would let me know in 3-6 weeks.

Rain pouring down as we exited, Barry sheltering under the hospital doors, a man in his pyjamas, chatting away to him, smoking one of those space age cigarettes, carrying his bag of urine with him slopping away – unabashed. Afternoon cinema, not so long ago, was an no go area for B, but he said why not now. Delicious lunch of stake salad, glass of sauvignon blanc, warmed up comfortable for Helen Mirren, the Woman in Gold. Stylish sparkling, playing an Austrian Jew a survivor by escaping from the Holocaust unlike her mother and father, with her audacity tempts a goofish suited young lawyer. He succumbs. First for the money, which evolves into the principle. They do it, unravelling the Austrian double standard – on the face of it a desire for reconcilliation, but actually not in the mood for it.
‘I want to take my son to Austria. To see the Kangeroos’

Bet on the Grand National a horse which I think is called Avocado – i am reading the list upside down. Not until the race begins and I cannot hear the name of my horse, reaslise its Alverado, a name I would never have chosen, who comes in 4th. We make 20 plus the bet 10.

The dog knew the way to the river.

Ended in the Adam and Eve. A man returns to the bar after a smoke (i notice these things) saying
‘There’s beautiful sheep dog out there. I’ll just stroke him, I thought, then he went like this’ and he imitates Kali baring his teeth.
‘Sorry, that’s my unfriendly dog.’ So I got into conversation with a painter and decorator, half cut celebrating a birthday of a mate. I tell him of my recent travel with the dog.
‘I do work for these people. They say, I’ve saved up all this money, but now I’m too old to use it’
I poke him as I would like to be poked, and reminded of the great now.
You’re fresh, he says.

We ended up in a Japanese restaurant, finding conversation with a Jaguar Landrover car designer, working 5 years in advance.


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