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About Elly – film at the Cut (by Asghar Farhadi)

Why do I like Iranian films? That different culture, a place I have never been, know little of That open display of emotion, that heated debate, with wild gesticulation. An equal playfulness. Headscarfs.

A group of friends 3 couples and a pair being matched, rent a run down villa by the sea. Elly the woman of the matching pair is uncomfortable with match making, tries to leave, but is thwarted by her friend. While the children are playing, she is charged with taking care of them, she plays with the kite, is taken over by the kite. A child half drowns in the sea, Elly is missing, presumed drowned. The group – once so gay – turns in on itself, casts blame, accrues shame, fears family reprisals, lies, covers up.

‘She made me raise my hand to her’, complains her friends husband.
The ‘brother’ of Elly, turns out to be her fiance, arrives devastated. The truth is half uncovered. He leaves. The group tries to rescue their motor car from stuck in sand on the edge of the sea.

It does not have the depth of The Separation, or humour.  The Separation remains with me, is quoted still by me (the meeting of the parties in the judges office, so up front, no barristers, middlemen, just the judge.)  God bless the Cut, excellent choice of film.


Samovars, traditional tea servers, hookahs, and the natural Ululating. The energy at the beginning marked the contrast to the end, dark and moody, saving honour.


From the Oscar-winning director of A Seperation comes a gripping tale of screts and lies amongst the tight-knit group of friends holdaying on the Caspian Sea. With an expertley paced narrative and an impressive ensemble cast, including Golshifteh Farahani, About Elly is a cinematic masterclass that works as both a thriller and a convincing character study. Intelligent, shrewd and meticulously crafted, About Elly confirms Asghars Farhadi’s status as one of the World Cinema’s finest talents


Due to a licensing issue, The Past (Le Passé) which was due to show on Wednesday 4th June cannot be shown. About Elly shall be the replacement film.

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