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Sarfraz Manzoor at The Cut

He was immediately likeable, pure and funny. 

The Luton background escaped using stepping stones of Bruce Springsteen, to University and Chanel 4 now Guardian writer and critic, appearing on Radio 4 and TV Any Questions. As a Muslim post 9/11, he’s expected to have a view on everything.  As for Bruce, from the start he was one of those who camped out days before to get a front row place in the concerts. Dedicated, focused.

You can never win an argument with a first generation trump card: I came here, I’ve struggled. Who’s complaining?

Des O’Conner / Dev Okeef. 

He asked: How many in this Halesworth audience have never drunk alcohol? Or in the last day? It was an illustration of  how difficult it was to pull the birds. (When they say, That’s really interesting, I respect you for that, it’s really saying Thanks but no thanks.) but it was also a shocking thought. 


The Pittesburg experience: What are you doing here? Springsteen asked in the middle of a song, in front of the thousands. 


I collected these words for Baerbel, who morns the passing of her husband Hamio 

in the darkness there’ll be hidden worlds that shine


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