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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

Two uninterrupted hours, Mike Daisey, performed, solo on a bare stage, desk chair as furniture, glass of water a few pages of scribbled notes as props. The big man in the Hawai shirt. Weaving the story of his visit to a Shenzhen, where Foxconn made our beloved hardware, with the life story rise of Steve Jobs. 

Beginning with a sharp mirror of our worship at the alter of Apple, our needs and wants, life styles, and what is a nerd, 

We’ve lost touch in our miasma of myth.  We think we own. (Laugh). The revelations are oddly stereotypical and campaigning, hexane hexane, workers 16 hours, suicides

Ironically – it was a  windows jibe that got the largest laugh – his dred of Powerpoint presentation – a group of people in a room trying to talk to each other. 

Ending with our Unexamined life. I learned about the Newton, Next, and Nano.

High Tide Halesworth. The night street, usually empty, peppered with young things in jaunty hats, and linked arms with lovers, who leap frog bollards. The sleepy suffolk town enliven with these happy strangers. 


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