The Count, Pits and Coronation

We wear the colours of our tribe, our broaches of green
The backdrop to the photographs, a climbing wall in a gym.
Last time a sea of blue with a smattering of purple together with entitlement. No more purple, but called Other on the sheet.

Alison: I said well done to B, but do you know what you are doing? I have so much knowledge. Her sadness of leaving behind 42 years to a young unknown is palpable. Tears in her eyes. The count can be brutal.

Coffee with John Fisher, independent from Saxmundham, on how skatpark took 10 years.

The greens are moving, i heard one say.

In between all this, Jamie called. He’d heard from Fisher German that Cemex will accept our bid. I found my eyes welling up with emotion, his too. Coming into the Hall and telling friends, so many by chance here, many congratulatory hugs. (What’s up with the Greens?, I heard one say?) It felt an enormous day, when the waves come to sweep you in to safety. First Pits, then Beth and Geoff, then other Greens.

That was Friday

On Saturday Gaina, Virginia and I went to Westleton Village Hall, to partake in the Corronation, along with hundreds of other village halls thorughout the land.

I have not danced with another who danced with the prince of wales.
Nor will I, I thought as I drove through Suffolk landscape, sap green, Alexanders bequeathed by the Romans, years ago. Remembering my childhood dream of marrying Prince Charles, well which girl did not want to marry a prince? Not sure of what aspiration legend exists now, probably not the same!

£5, processo and cake, can I find you a chair, welcomes me in Westleton Village Hall. I am the first of the gang to arrive.

The procession through London Streets is just ending on the big screen. The weather is overcast, contributing to the solomness of the ceremony about to start. The guests have been in place since 9, and we wonder how they are managing with so many older bladders. This is the oldest monach of many a year, 74.

Amid all the high convention and chivellry is an immediate re-balancing of tribe: invited are Sikhs, Rabai and Buddists (not humanists I gather).

Camilla walks in front of Charles, little dogs as detail on her dress. Yes, all is analysised.

The one who stole the show, the bearer of the sword, carried by Penelope Mary Mordaunt, leader of the House, the first woman to perform the ceremonial exchange of swords during the church service. She entered with the 8 lb. Sword of State and later swapped it for the lighter, glittering Jewelled Sword of Offering. Much coverage on how she prepared by weightlifting at gym before, is unfouderd.

Zadock the priest, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Making Joyful noise, great title.

Remarkable moment when Charles was stripped of all finary down to his simple white shirt and trousers, before being re-clad in gold braided cloaks. Symbolic and exceptional. He looked so small, old and serious.

It feels like a circling year, as I said to Domonic after the Sunday mass. ‘I had the disabbility of a stamemr as a child, and although I could talk one to one, I could not in groups of people and naturally I longed to read the lesson in Church but was incapable. So here I am aged 66, for the first time realising that dream.’ Representing the Town Council, I read what had been prescribed for the day, a long lesson from Isiah. Annette, who read after me, persuaded me for coffee, then G&T in the Angel, and as I sat their on a table, her family around, I looked around. Here is Halesworths coaching in, I recognised a few, some I didn’t, I felt the embedded in the community feeling I had never felt before. Skirting the town life of East Dereham, longing to be part of Nigel Alexanders tribe or part of the childrens group I was never part of.

I walked out in to the Thoroughfare, so well considered by one or more of my predecessors to have pedestrianized, to find the people settle up trestle tables for our street party. Decked with Union Jacks, some on tables some on heads. I called Michael, and walked him down to find a table at the end, and got him some food, for he was nervous of not having any.

On Tursday our Pits core group met, with Lidl champagne at East Lodge, celebrating a certainty, but still we have to find the other half – the funding.

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