Prof Peter Hudson at Woodbridge

Introduction by Eamon – Town council are paying for 8 sessions and 6 walks. They have a Climate Action Plan and are expanding on Water Testing beyond e-coli to phosphates and nitrates.

Is human value genetically inherent or do we want to nurture our valuing of nature and learn to become sustainable.

We have the information/data

Savanna Hypothisis: The savanna hypothesis of human evolution suggests that the transition from a predominately arboreal lifestyle in forest to one in open habitats favoured an upright posture and selected for bipedalism along with a shift in diet that necessitated travel over greater distances across the landscape.

Biophilic – innate genetic empathy

Relationship to land is one of utility.

Aldo Leopold: Although Leopold is credited with coining the term “land ethic”, there are many philosophical theories that speak to how humans should treat the land. Some of the most prominent land ethics include those rooted in economics, utilitarianism, libertarianism, egalitarianism, and ecology.

Greta T – our moral failure

Which tree shape do we prefer, he played with us, cyprus tall thin or horiztonal inclinded? We all preferred the horizontal – back to our days of the Savanna he said!

I particularly liked his slide below

X leads to anthropomorphism
anthropocentric leads to environmentally damaging behaviors therefore
X is the origin of environmental crisis

What is X?
Atomicistc individualism
Nature decoupling
Judeo-Christian monotheism

The biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond betwen humans and other living systems.
Biophilia os the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.

One slide recommended The Last Child in the Woods – ordered. Evidence that humans have innate empathy with nature. Octopus.

Braiding Sweetgrass came up in questions. What is sufficient nor not efficient.

Spinosa cognative self and body

Science gets to its glass ceiling, self indentifying

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