Ink 2023 – DRAFT

Kevin addressed the ink schedule as a strategic challenge, and mapped a schedule for us, to include all offerings, with a space for dog walking in between.


Concentric Orbits. a domestic in space. Jan later said she’d used the same devise for one of her plays. Plays on men are from mars, women from venus.

The Last Bus to Felixstowe – a brilliant, energy full parody on the 53 floods. Slapstick, clownsn. We protected you, London.
The Last Cardbord box – loss and stuff. – good idea but not enough spaces between monologue
Stepping into Fire – amazing. She sang, delivered so beautifully her fear and fire of desire.
Tins – four sisters in the waiting room –

What a start

Kevin Clifton in conversation wit Helen Atkinson Woood. He was bought up with dance,

Show 6 Daffodil Queen tthe best. The rest forgetabile.

Sufffolk Short films – i fell asleep after the remarkable Irish Oscar winner, An Irish Goodbye. Why part of Suffolk Shorts

Picard in the evening – ending in the resurrecting of Enterprise D, the Nokia 607 equivilent, analogue, and outisde the wireless reaches of the Hive.


Show 8 in the main Cut Theatre, a dissapointment. Breath, Out of the Darkness, The Bothy.

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