I do look at Brow, and say to him, this is your mum, she birthed you. In the same way no doubt as a mother looks at amazement at the formation of her child, how he/she grows, and occasionally wonders at the miracle of it being once the size of a small potato.

I took Brow to our first one on one training with Barking Mad Meg. She’s good, reads dogs well.
‘He’s like a dog with learning difficulties’, she concluded at the end of our session.

So that’s it, a dog with learning difficulties, is my dog for the next 15 or so years. Lucy was right when she said so bluntly to me, you will never bond with him, but you will form a relationship and come to love him in both your ways. I see every day, the contrast with Ruffio and Mossip, who come running up to me, have great energy, alert eyes, catch and retrieve balls, learn fast, and cuddle. At least I know it is not my fault, that the dog is how he is, and we will find a way between us, it will require some work as Meg said to me, but that may make it all the richer.

My love for faithful Bobji augments, she is by my side, sleeps beside my head most nights. I wake up in the morning to the love for her, to start my day.

1 thought on “Brow”

  1. I am not feeling very well Rachel and that made me cry. Brow is lovely. It is nobody’s ‘fault’. With people with learning difficulties we just have to work a little bit harder sometimes. Same with dogs. I will be glad when I feel better – I am rather emotional today.

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