Rushdie satanic verses 1989

It was the year of my mothers death, extraordinary to recall now the passion she felt about this event, she even bought and read the book. I can see it laying on the dining room table open face down.

May be in honor of Salman Rushdie’s brutal attack recently, Radio 4 are revisiting the moments of the Fatwa and it’s link to us. It begins with How Britain got browner, from blacks, to Asians then Muslims, after the Fatwa. This moment changed how we see each other. We can trace a line between then and ISIS.

3 thoughts on “Rushdie satanic verses 1989”

  1. I thought that there was an article to read here and was disappointed that there wasn’t. Mind you I am supposed to be writing a sermon for Sunday (perhaps this is a hint that I should not get distracted so easily!!) I think my slight oddness has always been a part of me because in 1989 I was busy with family but found time to attempt to read the Satanic Verses. However this attempt was doomed and I concluded that Mt Rushdie was too clever and more knowledgeable by far than I. I did not have the background knowledge or understanding to make head nor tail of it and gave up fairly quickly.

      1. I do believe I did – but can’t remember a thing about it! When/if I ever get time I will! Since leaving the PTC I have found a huge list of things I want to do…. Better than not having one. Always have a plan!

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