4 Verbals and a Cuffing


The police, five of them, were fast. 1145 on a Saturday morning. Fresh home from the launderette, drying rack on. Knock knock, on the inner upstairs door. “Its the police” (not Elena). They let themselves in and handcuff me immediately. “Arrest” they keep singing enchantingly.

I am barely give five mimnutes to collect my possessions. They tease and make fun of me. They raid the bathroom cabinet for the medication I am NOW after. There ain’t no label with yo name on it, can’t have this. They hold a small glass ov water, expecting me to somehow drink it handcuffed without assisting.

I assemble a small bag. I need a half hour timer in case this isn’t a ‘quick and snappy’ case that will only take an hour or two. I am denied my chargers, a top to wear – I am barely naked imo. No chargers, no books, only…

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