Now we are 3

Three almost came about prior to the official departure of jet, the first pup to go.

I could not find comet. For 3 hours I searched pathways, ditches, even the roadway, before I came to the conclusion – he’s been trafficked. Stollen from under my eyes. I’d heard a car draw up as I was putting the others away. All the posts on Facebook, anyone could find me, a natural consequence of being openly out there. Such innocence. All passing cars who slowed down became the thieves returning. Julia called by chance, . I told you she said, I warned you, you keep a far too open house, you do this and that all wrong. Not what I wanted to hear and I hung up on her. Michael far my sympathetic, felt my anxiety, sadness. I went to the office, moved a set of files, and under the partners desk I saw a white paw. Phew. Three hours lost, but all day overjoyed not to have lost one.

Lucy arrived after I’d returned from the vets for their first injections (180 quid) , sat and had tea with us, talking dogs of course. She noticed straight away, that comet may have one year up and one down. She is so tuned into animals, observes all.

She’s posted the images of jets first siting of sheep and her new play,arts including her father jake. Magic, those firsts.

I’ve made the decision to go with brow. I fell in love with buster, and tossed and turned. But last night had brow with me in the room. He will be fine. And obedient which buster is not! I will be 76 if he reaches kalis age, and I reach 76!

3 thoughts on “Now we are 3”

  1. You must of course know the Lao Tzu, “the man whose neighbours son had stolen his axe. The man walked like a thief, talked like a thief, all manners were clearly thief-like. The next day the axe turned up where he had left it, and the boy now walked like a normal boy, all manners mysteriously reattributed & returned.” KA!

  2. There’s a similarity there to something I once heard ….. Ah yes. The lost sheep….
    I am , selfishly, mighty relieved that i didn’t lose anyone when I puppy-sat. Phew. Comet is lovely but be need a lot of work. I think you have made the right decision (not that what I think matters in the least!)

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