Buster and Comet – Border Collie’s looking for a home

Bobji, my bitch, gave birth to 4 pups on Monday 23rd May. They are now coming up to 8 weeks old. Two have settled homes. One, known as Eyebrows, I will keep along with Kali and Bobji. One, known as Jet, will go to Lucy to become a working sheep dog, along with her father Jake – the father of all the pups – a long haired tri colour beautiful border collie.

Bobji Is the daughter of BRYN, (Sue Little) and ROSIE (ANN LAWS), born December 2016. Rosie, short haired, worked on the farm with cows, Bryn, long haired, is a trained sheep dog. Both from Norfolk.

Photos of Bobji as a pup

Bobji was trained by Kali, my long haired border collie. She copied what he did, and required very little additional training. They both walk off lead, have no problems with traffic.

Bobji is a very different character to Kali, far more affectionate, more obedient, and very fast. She is excellent at agility.

February 2022, aged 4, she first met Jake, a hard working and very good natured border collie, owned by Lucy, a Shepherdess. Jakes day job is to round 2,000 sheep on the Heavingham estate. Bobji and Jake got on immediately, liked each other and eventually mated.

Photos of Jake, working sheep. One with Lucy.

Below, Bobji and Jake meeting for the first time.

The birth on Monday 23 May, of both Comet and Buster. One of me holding Buster. They are like guinea-pigs. Lucy was there with me for the birthing (thank goodness), that once started, was straightforward. Bobji became a natural mother, eating all the after birth and nurturing her pups with care and assiduous cleaning.

Growing up – taking them to the vets for worming and health check, the co-op shopping basket came in handy. I am intrigued by their ears, flat like bats.

Bobji is a magnificent mother. The pups have many visitors. One, Bo, named Comet, who is adorable, friendly and attentive. Buster is a front dog, first to eat, dominant and playful. He will probably be long haired.

Buster and Comet,

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