Conversation between Laurence Edwards and Malcolm Doney

At Ballroom Arts – now curated by the lovely Eileen.

Entitled ‘Made of this earth’, Laurence challenged the title immediately, saying, ‘but I’m not made of this earth’ – star dust Laurence, I think.

I didn’t know they knew each other, but of course, Blythburgh a connecting point, as Laurence has done the ‘altar piece’, comprised of pieces from this earth, caste in bronze. Not unlike the Yoxman, which was the dominant subject of this conversation. It began with the Creek men, a challenge from Snape, who’d turned Laurance down.

Growing up in Suffolk, it was not a cool place to be, Norfolk far more interesting, Lakes more beautiful., Scotland more rugged. Suffolk boring. But now, living here, realise it’s very bareness means it is not given to you on a plate, you have to find it. Making the meaning

I use the same clay as I used 30 years, ago, including all the pieces in it, the reed, the stones, shapres.

The ego and discussion and chatter around the Yoxman. Male, huge, dominant. But when you look closer you will see he is wounded, reticent, not triumphal.

The freedom given to him by John Hunt, a remarkable thing, compared to next commission, 3 years in the definition.

At the same time as the miners, small heads, intimate, individuals. At the same time COVID. But 5 years security, studio from 4 to 14 working.

The impossibility of death in the mind of a living being. Quote The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living is an artwork created in 1991 by Damien Hirst. L spoke about his legacy, bronze, his fear of nothingness.

Malcolm from Plymouth Brethren background, St Martins school, spoke of nervousness of returning to paint.

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