Solstice with compassionate community in the wood

I was not in good humour, too much administration, no time for reflection. A small circle mainly friends, including Charlot and mark who I had not seen in years. Mell told a story full of animation, then she and Shona called directions and I, who stood outside again, was wanting. But my role was as always , pragmatic, with Leon, bo Sam and Ryan (great addition) led the journey around our p,angers, while others had conversations.

At the closing circle, one spoke of a friend who died a few days ago, one of a lost child. And I remembered the two friends I’d lost this year, john fox and Eugenia. Lost. Missed.

Then Michael read from his script . Something about becoming increasingly decrepit, dependent on me. An honest voice, reflecting another frustrating day for him. Went to Beccles shopping forgot wallet. Repeated the same after filling a basket in focus, then scratched the new car. The news of the day. He had been a great Patrick Moor – clipped voice, monocle.

Two moments of amusing banter. First around our non existent Pluto, and second between Ryan and Kevin.

Evening made up with animated political conversation with Kevin, bringing in the history lesson. We joined Europe too late, the root rules already made without us. And the first brexit author Henry viii, take back control from the powerful church. The first redistribution.

2 thoughts on “Solstice with compassionate community in the wood”

  1. I presume that this was published here to be found. I think I need to have a conversation with you. If you are agreeable can we meet up sometime soon?
    In the meantime –
    We pray for those who travel
    That they may find shelter.
    We pray for those who are lost
    That they may be found.
    We pray for those who are seeking
    That they may see signs.
    (Please read and delete)

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