John Macrae and Lincolne

From Gill to David responding to his forthcoming play on the Lincolne family over Halesworth Heritage Open days

Having just read the Halesworth Community News we were delighted to discover that the history of the Lincolne family

will be told, thanks to the research work of Helen Wolvey and yourself.

I thought you would be interested to know that Harriet Marianne Lincolne, 11th child of William and Mary Lincolne, has a great, great, grandson living at 24 Rectory Street, Halesworth.

Dr John E C Macrae, CMG now retired is a diplomat, formerly living in France but now resident here.
He was, at one time, Head of the Department for Cultural Relations at the Foreigh and Commomwealth Office, and later
Ambassador to Senegal and then to Morocco.

Before the pandemic, Alison Whale of Halesworth Museum gave us a great deal of help – information and photos of the Lincolne family and, through her, we were briefly in touch with Helen Wolvey.

We have here a copy of “A Systematic Handbook of Volumetric Analysis” by Marianne’s husband, Francis Sutton, FIC., FCS, Public Analyst for the county of Norfolk. It is a 600 page digitalized facsimilie of the ninth edition, the original having been published by Blakiston’s and Son in Philadelphia in 1907.

In the spirit of exploration

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