Entangled Life

Yes, I remember now, all of our current cell life have come from the water (something water babes like Sara I’m sure feel when they are in that element that is far more strange to me). Plants made it out of water 500 million years ago.Their collaboration with fungi served as their root system for millions of years until they developed their own, independently

Truffles – tuber magnatum. smell, aroma, chemical dimethyl sulphide. Cannot dry a truffle as you can with other fungi, it has to be fresh. Never been domesticated, impossible to reproduce to farm. In part because of their sex lives. Truffle sex takes place between the hyphae of one mycelial network must fuse with those of a separate, sexual compatible network, + to – .

Foraging behavior of mycelium.
Study of a wood rotting fungus, moving from one block of wood to another.
Tokyo network experiment – with Slime Molds

Mycelium is how fungi feed. Unlike other systems, they digest the world where it is and then absorb it into their bodies. The hyphae long and branched and only a single cell thick, the more they touch the more they consume. Hyphal tips must lay down new material as they advance. Hyphae grow into other structures besides mushrooms. Many species of fungues form hollow cables of hyphae known as cords or fhuzomorphs

Sensitivity to light and spectrum

Hypha tips – the brain? (Darwin) electrical signalling?


Extreme tolerances – lichen abord soyuz 2016 – Tardigrades – few able to withstand space

Lichen – what is it? Animal/Plant Dual hypothis – composed of two different entities, Alga and fungus. First put forward 1869. The alga partner harvested light and carbon dioxide

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